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Meitao Qu - Amplify Residency - Wysing Arts Centre

Meitao Qu is a multidisciplinary artist based in London. I provided 3 soundtracks for her Amplify residency at the Wysing Arts Centre. The piece depicts different perspectives of an imagined land being sold as real estate, including an advert, security camera footage and an in game camera flying through the world at speed.

Neill Blomkamp - District 9 (Re-score)


A complete re-score of the music and sound design of this clip from scratch.

Grace Black - Eels

'Eels tells a tale of 2 sites through stop frame animation and puppetry. Set in various locations above and below the thames, the animation uses imagery and objects gathered over the past year, largely from river beaches around the Rotherhithe/Surrey Quays and Deptford part of the Thames. The narrative is loosely inspired by the news of the City's cocaine consumption habits affecting the behaviour of European eels, long term inhabitants of the Thames' waters. Eels are a meal synonymous with a former era of Londoners (but still consumed across the City). All of the bodies are involved in a cycle of consumption, a substance becomes waterborne and enters one body, perhaps eventually returning to it's source on a plate.'

ELLISS - The Run

ELLISS - The Run

Soundtrack for ELLISS, a London based fashion label born out of a desire to create clothing using conscious design methods and minimal waste.

Their newest collection is based around going to the beach and hiking in the mountains when you feel free in nature. As many people haven't been able to access this kind of nature in the past months they wanted to create a moment of freedom in London, a 'dreamlike' run. The model is dreaming of her life, what she could be running towards and from.

Grace Black - On Water / Na Vodi

'On Water / Na Vodi was produced in collaboration with sound designer Nikolas Babic, who created the score from edited field recordings from the River Sava and from a playground on its banks in Belgrade, Serbia. Combining filmed documentation and animation, the short film assembles various bodies, their relationship to each other and the Eagle Hills Development - or Beograd Na Vodi. The bodies of people, bodies of water, and the bodies used in international waterside development marketing.'

Matteo Zamagni - Horror Vacui (Re-score)

Taking place in the current unfolding global crisis, the film explores the geological self-similar formations of Earth and the frenetic hyper-development attained by mankind; It reflects upon the alienation from nature and the resulting break of the harmonious balance of life. By apposing computer generated images and real-world footage the video blurs the distinction between reality and a digital recreation of it, questioning the act of perceiving and the biased notion of 'reality'. Techniques used consists of Aerial Drone footage, Macro photography, 3D scanning, geological LIDAR point cloud, Ultra hi-res Satellite Imagery, 3D Modelling, Organic Physics simulations. Horror Vacui (from Latin :'Fear of empty space') referred during Middle Ages, to the style of filling entire surfaces with detail; this term reflects the ongoing human expansion in the film. On the other hand 'Horror Vacui' relates to the Buddhist concept of Emptiness, the fear of the unknown and attachment to the materialistic worldview.

Liza Radlov - A Video About Eggs

A Video About Eggs was shown as part of 'Truth Pool' - a multidisciplinary art exhibition set at Copeland Gallery, Peckham. Projected through water, the video represents shark embryos eating each other in the womb. It consists of two parts, only one of which I soundtracked. Liza saw this segment not only as abstract, but as educational and fact based, so wanted to contrast this with melancholy music to create some dark humour. Also, some post-processing was done to give the impression the sound was coming from underwater.

Nic Hamilton - Underwood (Re-score)

Taken from

'For this edition of Visionaries, Australian video radical Nic Hamilton takes us through the Tasmanian wilderness. Having previously worked with such underground electronic music stars as L-Vis 1990 and Actress, this video, soundtracked by Harem (Old Apparatus), showcases his warped take on CGI and architecture.'

Original score by Harem.


I am a sound designer and music producer based in London. Through my musical career, I have developed a thorough knowledge of Synthesis, Foley, Audio Engineering and Audio Restoration.

I work mostly with sci-fi film elements intertwined with glimpses of the real world. This murky area is my speciality - an unsettling sound of a not too distant future or warped version of reality is usually the centre of my work.

  • Pro Tools Ultimate, Logic X, Ableton 10, Izotope RX 7, Max 7, Maschine, Unity, Wwise.


  • ABRSM Grade 8 Classical Guitar and Grade 5 Theory.



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